Accessing shops and facilities in Didcot workshop

South Oxfordshire District Council is undertaking research to learn about how access to Didcot town centre can be improved for older people, people with disabilities and mobility impairments.

They are particularly interested in understanding if there is a need for a Shopmobility scheme in Didcot where residents can hire mobility scooters and wheelchairs to access the town.

As part of this project, South Oxfordshire District Council are speaking to residents with disabilities as well as stakeholder organisations and businesses in the area.

The council are running a workshop with other local stakeholder organisations on 8 September at Didcot Civic Hall.

The workshop will take place between 6 – 7:30pm and will provide an opportunity for businesses to comment on the results of the consultation with residents to date, as well as the practical actions that could be taken to improve access to Didcot town centre.

For further information and to confirm your attendance, please contact Cheryl Reeves (01235 540324) by the 6 September.