Better Broadband For Oxfordshire, Good News Updates

The Better Broadband for Oxfordshire programme is on target to achieve above 95% coverage of superfast broadband across Oxfordshire by December 2017, an increase of over 27% since the scheme conception.

Four more cabinets have been converted in August 2017, benefitting the residents and businesses of Pyrton in South Oxfordshire, and in Vale of White Horse Baulking, Steventon and Woolstone.

South Oxfordshire

Pyrton parish area, served by Watlington Cabinet 11 has now been converted (for residents with postcode OX49 5AN).

Vale of White Horse

Baulking parish area, served by Uffington Cabinet 5 (for residents with postcode SN7 7QF).

Steventon parish area, served by Rowstock Cabinet 24 (for residents with postcode OX13 6SQ).

Woolstone parish area, served by Uffington Cabinet 4 (postcode SN7 7QL).

Details of the latest villages to benefit from superfast broadband and the latest developments are always provided at the SO Business dedicated website page. We update this information regularly to show where the latest cabinets are located.

Alternatively click on the link to the Better Broadband for Oxfordshire website.

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