Superfast broadband funding offered to final 4 per cent

The Better Broadband for Oxfordshire programme is on target to achieve above 95% coverage of superfast broadband across Oxfordshire by December 2017, an increase of over 27% since the scheme conception.

Whilst this places Oxfordshire in the upper quartile of counties in terms of having access to superfast broadband, we anticipate there to be approximately 8,500 premises which will not have access, and for which Oxfordshire County Council has no fully funded solution, due to the very high cost of intervention required. The Co-Funded Fibre Broadband Partnership initiative seeks to enable people living or working at premises in this final 4%, to be provided with a solution whereby the county council will part-fund and manage the delivery of superfast broadband.

The co-funded option presents an equitable way forward for those where costs exceed the high cost structure threshold This initiative is set up to be instigated by members of the community. The first step is to register your interest by completing the expression of interest form.

The County Council scheme is based on the BT Community Fibre Partnership programme, a useful source of information is available at Read more about the Final 4 Percent.