Focus on local business – Wallingford based Rosemor

Established in 1985, Rosemor International Ltd specialises in the design, manufacturing and supply of precision-engineered automatic escalator cleaning equipment.

Based here in South Oxfordshire, the company operates from a 40,000sqft headquarters, manufacturing their flagship Rotomac ET15B which sells for around £15,000. The machine is exported to dozens of countries including China, India and Australia, and is used in many department stores, shopping malls, metro stations, airports and stadiums throughout the world, including the London Underground, Heathrow Airport and Harrods.

RosemorEscalator cleaning machine operating in Australia

Rosemor has carefully developed a machine using minimal solution and vacuums to ensure the escalator is left safe to use immediately. With a complete step being deep cleaned from 30 seconds by a single operator, companies can reduce costs and manpower significantly. The machines’ efficiency has improved over time with attachments options now available for example, moving walkways.

Rosemor claim a long life for their machines, as they use high quality materials, they are built entirely in the UK. Rosemor currently employ seven staff with a turnover of over £500,000, and hope to expand after recently breaking into new markets such as Iran, India, China and Romania. With so many more countries planned to sell to, Rosemor is very excited for 2018 and what new business it may entail.

Find out more about their work at the Rosemor website

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