Get your high street business trading online

My High.St has recently been launched to support the independent retail marketplace to embrace the internet and build sales through e-commerce and in-store footfall.

The national programme aims to take 200 High Streets and thousands of independent shops online. This is a valuable tool for town centre retailers looking to enter the online market.

How does it work for retail businesses?

It”s simple to create a free online shop, with no monthly charges and only 10% VAT commission taken for every purchase – a very big difference the other online retail sites.

Simple delivery options available and Click and Collect at own or partnered larger stores. ByBox is also partnering up to encourage easier options for both retailer and customer – something already in place in online casino Wantage, Abingdon, Faringdon, Botley and Didcot.

A minimum of 10 retailers need to join to create a dedicated town high street and receive own-branded promotional packs for retailers and activate full town marketing programme.

How does it work for the customer?

It allows the customer to shop new high streets and find unique, handmade and quirky gifts, foods, furnishings, fashion etc from retailers traditionally only available for customers to that particular high street.

It provides the customer with a unique shopping experience and a feel good factor for helping independent retailers and their local economy.

The customer can browse by selecting categories such as fashion, jewellery or specialist hobbies and interests. “Discover new high streets” will become populated the more retailers that sign up in the same town which is hoped to encourage more people to travel to the area to see for themselves.

Getting started

  • Build your own store profile and brand online
  • Integrate photography, Google maps and Google 360
  • Simply upload and manage stock
  • Receive automated sales alerts and fulfillment information
  • Use the detailed financial and sales reports
  • Collect customer data
  • Link to social media to build site traffic

Then as soon as enough retailers from the local community are on board, My High.St switch on your own High Street site, seamlessly linked to the national market place.

For more information please visit the My High.St website.