Have you seen our business park list?

When looking to scale up your business, it is often useful to consider moving to a business park. The advantages are that parks often have a selection of different sized  premises, are grouped together by industry sector and usually have good transport links and facilities to help your business and employees, from post offices and gyms to superfast broadband and coffee shops. Our website has a comprehensive list of business parks in the district here, with many containing the sort of facilities needed to make your businesses a success.

SO Business has been looking at the business park space in the district, starting with Jennings, owner of business parks and retail properties throughout South Oxfordshire. Jennings’ own website states that they are “not just a property company, but a people company, who’ve built a reputation based on honesty, trust and fairness,” and developed their own way of doing business.

aerial view

Business Background
Monument Park has undergone an unlikely transformation since starting life as a poultry farm (run by current Chairman Mike Jennings’ grandfather) more than 80 years ago. Since Mike and his father began converting the site in the 1980s, the chicken sheds have been gradually replaced with flexible business units that are now inhabited by over 80 SMEs of different shapes and sizes.

Perhaps, as you’d expect of a business park, Monument Park is home to a number of traditional businesses such as accountants, consultants and printers, however the availability of flexible business space means the park also attracts some more unusual tenants. These include personal trainers, speciality sausage manufacturers, experimental food installers and even a dog activity centre, all of which add up to create a vibrant business environment.

Business expansion on the park is aided by Jennings’ unconventional approach to leases for their business units. Preferring to talk through and set up leases themselves rather than using agents, Jennings offer simple, flexible agreements that allow businesses to both grow, and importantly even to shrink in more challenging times. That tenants feel comfortable approaching the team at Jennings to discuss their current situation is evidence of the open, fair and accommodating values developed by the company having a real impact on the park’s businesses.

Jennings takes an active interest in caring for the environment. Among the initiatives over recent years they’ve installed a bio-mass boiler using wood pellets for fuel, fitted solar PV panels to many larger buildings, installed LED lighting in all their serviced offices, as well as recycling and bulk-buying schemes on the park to reduce traffic and the carbon footprint.

The Future
With a history of helping businesses to flourish, further expansion is planned for Monument Park to help house the park’s growing companies and in turn, free up space for new tenants to join the mix. The planned large-scale housing development at Chalgrove Airfield could open up some opportunities, for new businesses and more employment.

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