Investing in Oxfordshire’s environment

The Oxfordshire Strategic Environmental Economic Investment Plan (SEEIP) will provide direction and clarity on how investment in Oxfordshire’s environment will be delivered. It is one of a series of investment plans which will sit under the Strategic Economic Plan, and will help to deliver its ambitions for economic growth in Oxfordshire up to 2030.

The SEEIP will make a compelling case for environmental investment in Oxfordshire, by demonstrating its importance to economic growth, development, health and well-being in the county. It will also be used as a prospectus to attract and coordinate funding from government, environmental stakeholders and businesses, ensuring investment is prioritised and targeted to maximise the benefits.

The aim is to assemble a portfolio of proposals for inclusion in the SEEIP, which could include:

  • Strategic projects, which will deliver improvements to physical assets within a defined geographical area, and which are of a significant scale for the county
  • Investment programmes, which might be established to distribute funding to multiple stakeholders and smaller projects across a wider area according to agreed criteria
  • Support interventions – awareness-raising, training or guidance

These proposals could include new ideas, or existing/ongoing projects, programmes or interventions which have the potential to contribute to the objectives and priorities of the SEEIP.

To submit an idea to be considered for inclusion and for further information, visit The LEP website.