National Business Crime Centre offers ‘Black Friday’ advice

Black Friday has become one of the biggest shopping days of the year, when retailers reduce prices across their stock to kick-start the Christmas gift-buying season.

The National Business Crime Centre are advising retail stores to review their security and ensure they have adequate resources in place to respond to the increased demand. Retailers should provide their own security arrangements during the sales, and consider police assistance only as a ‘last resort’. Last year, there were incidents of overcrowding and arrests were made as shoppers clashed over bargains.

Black Friday

Things you can do:

Have sufficient staff to cope with the increased demand. Security officers should have a visible presence, clearly display ID badges and be briefed. Ensure staff are fully briefed to positively engage with customers.

Remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to security or police, crowded places can lead to more opportunities for pickpockets, especially on Black Friday.

Review and communicate any emergency/evacuation procedures to staff, ensure all necessary equipment, including first aid supplies, are readily available. Have the ability to control access points in to your premises.

Check CCTV is fully operational and that you have available staff members who are trained to operate it.

Contact your local police or Business Partnership if you have specific events which you feel they should be aware of. In the event of an emergency, always call 999.

The National Business Crime Centre’s vision is to create a centre of excellence for both Police and businesses to visit, learn, share and to help support all businesses and police forces nation-wide in preventing and combatting business crime and criminality.

By joining up the dots between police forces, security initiatives and private sector business, it is the ambition of the National Business Crime Centre to complete the jigsaw in order to see the overall picture regarding crimes affecting UK businesses, staff and their interests.