Oxfordshire LEADER – one year left to apply

If you are interested in applying to LEADER then you might need to get your skates on. They plan to stop accepting Expression of Interest applications in September 2018 – less than a year away.

The programme will officially close in March 2019 so there is no reason to delay. Sylva Foundation didn’t and they have been awarded a grant of £23,495, which was 40% of the project cost.

One year left

Sylva Foundation are an environmental charity working across Britain to care for forests, ensuring they thrive for people and for nature. They run the Sylva Wood Centre in Long Wittenham which offers work units to wood-based businesses with the aim of fostering innovation and business development in
this sector.

Sylva were awarded a grant from LEADER in 2016 to build a new forestry yard in a redundant farm building. The yard will be rented by a local forestry contractor allowing this business to expand into sawmilling and firewood. The project will support Sylva Foundation to become more sustainable by bringing in an annual rent from the yard. There will also be benefits for the other tenant businesses who will have easy access to locally processed timber.

Find out more about how to apply on the LEADER website.