Tourism businesses

With its stunning scenery and picturesque market towns, South Oxfordshire attracts 4.3 million visitors every year, worth over £234 million to the local economy. The tourism industry supports over 3,900 jobs locally. (source: Tourism South East). Tourism is therefore an important economic factor in the area.

Visit Midsomer

Much of the filming for the popular TV series “Midsomer Murders” is done here in South Oxfordshire, where towns and villages have names every bit as wonderful as their fictional counterparts.  Fancy walking in the footsteps of Inspector Barnaby, enjoying a beer in the local pub or posing for photographs beside the church? Here you’ll see the most featured and picturesque locations that will seem oh-so familiar. They include stately homes, parish churches, town and viilage buildings and more than a few hostelries.

South Oxfordshire District Council has its own dedicated website, explore it at

Tourism Facts and Figures

Experience Oxfordshire – a not for profit partnership organisation involved in promoting tourism in Oxfordshire, have produced a report that estimates the economic impact of tourism on Oxfordshire for 2015, to view the report click here.

In 2014 South Oxfordshire District Council commissioned Hotel Solutions to produce a Hotel Needs Assessment report on the districts accommodation offering. To view the Executive Summary, please click here.

We work in partnership with businesses in the visitor economy on a range of intiatives.  If you are thinking of opening as either an accommodation business or in the retail or hospitality sectors, then do please contact us.  We would love to hear from you, and to help you promote your business.

 Accommodation listings

South Oxfordshire District Council has a tourism website to promote all that Southern Oxfordshire has to offer visitors. If your business is not listed please contact us to discuss the information we require for the website; and those of you with an existing listing, to review and refresh the information and photograph we have.

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