Unlocking the digital potential of rural areas

Digital connectivity, mobile working, Skype meetings and e-commerce have become the norm for many rural businesses and are becoming increasingly important for their efficiency and productivity. Rural based businesses across the UK are invited to take part in a short  survey about the importance of digital connectivity and the digital potential of rural areas.

Rural England, a not-for-profit research body, is undertaking research on Unlocking the Digital Potential of the UK’s Rural Areas.  The project explores how rural-based businesses currently use digital (online IT and communications), how important it is to their business model, what constraints they face with digital uptake and what economic benefits could accrue if those constraints were overcome.

This is an important topic for the future of the rural economy and and rural businesses. Rural England wants to hear from businesses in all sectors (from farms to tech companies), of all sizes (from sole traders to large enterprises), of all types (from PLCs to social enterprises)  and of all ages (from start-ups to long-established firms).

Survey responses will be accepted up to 1 September and will be treated as confidential by the research team. Businesses do not have to complete any survey questions that would identify them. The outcomes of the survey are likely to be discussed with key policy makers.

To complete the survey and for more information about the Unlocking the Digital Potential of the UK’s Rural Areas project, including Rural England’s research partner (Scotland’s Rural College) and its project funder (Amazon UK), please visit the Rural England website: https://ruralengland.org/unlocking-the-digital-potential-of-rural-areas-research/