Work experience handbook created for employers

As you may be aware, businesses in Oxfordshire in common with the rest of the UK report a signifcant skills gap and difficulty filling posts. With an ageing population and changing global position for the UK this problem is set to worsen, especially if the young people who form the future workforce are not able to make appropriate career choices. Work experience can help to address these issues.

Work experience is simply an experience of work, often lasting one week, and taking place at employer’s premises with the student acting as an employee. The emphasis is on development of generic skills needed in the workplace and completing `hands-on’ tasks. This is an opportunity for the student to become more confident and mature in an adult environment, and to develop skills in a realistic setting.

More Placements Required

There are currently not enough work placements on offer to enable all students to participate in work experience, which is especially significant in areas where children’s outlook is limited by the examples of employment around them.

That is why the OxLEP team have produced this work experience best practice handbook for employers, to show you what’s involved, how simple it can be to organise and the benefits to you as an employer/business.  We hope it will encourage many more businesses to offer placements this year and beyond.

View & download the guide here: OxLEP WE Handbook for employers PDF