BIS Strategy Action Plan 2017-2020

The Business and Innovation Strategy Action Plan 2017 to 2020 details how South Oxfordshire District Council will support businesses in the district. This follows a widespread survey carried out by planning and development consultants Lichfields, of small and medium sized businesses which asked those businesses about their needs and growth aspirations.


The SME Business and Innovation Strategy Final Report is available to download at the link on our About SO Business page.

About the Action Plan

The Action Plan is divided into four categories, outlining why action is needed and how the district council will achieve this. The four categories are:

Superfast broadband – We will help your business work smarter through improved access to superfast broadband.

Business space – We’ll aim to ensure that there is sufficient space for your business to grow.

Skills and employment – We will be supporting businesses struggling to attract and retain staff, addressing key skills gaps.

Business support and communication – We will be improving our engagement with businesses to meet their needs.

action plan

A six page summary of the findings is available to download at the link below.

SOBusiness BIS Action Plan 2017-2020