Over 70 people attend Berinsfield Pop Up Business School

Over 70 visitors attended the hugely successful Pop Up Business School event at the The Berinsfield Community Association, held from 29 April to 3 May.

The intensive course was sponsored by South Oxfordshire District Council and the SOBusiness team and ran between 10:00am and 15:00pm daily, with a focus on discussing different subject areas each day. Topics included:

  • Starting a business with no money
  • Building a website for free
  • Getting to the top of Google searches
  • Taking online payments
  • Marketing and social media
  • Taxes and company structure

    What is the PopUp Business School?

    Founded in 2012 by Alan Donegan and Simon Paine, the partners thought that traditional approaches to starting a business, like applying for start-up loans and producing business plans, can put people off who may have great ideas.

    The scheme was launched to find, inspire and help people start their own businesses. Over the last six years, the school has partnered with housing associations, universities, Jobcentre Plus and local authorities to help start more than 1,500 businesses in communities across the UK.

    Alongside the workshops, the team also provide one-to-one support and continue online support to all participants after the event itself.

Business Success Stories

Over 90% of day 1 attendees returned on day 2 to learn about sales and marketing. Impressively, by day 2, two attendees had already made a sale.

It was great to see so much passion from every attendee with their business idea. There was such a range of businesses we couldn’t include all of them but have included a few examples below.

Package adventure holidays to their home town in Spain and guided tours of the country which tourists wouldn’t normally explore.

Pop Up and Online zero waste, sustainable foods and home cleaning products. The business set up their free website during the week and as a result made their first sale the day after.

Professional organising and decluttering service to demystify the principles and practice of owning and managing an organised home.


Thank you for caring enough to invest in my future and providing [the school] so I can have the confidence to start my business.

You guys doing great job helping fresh entrepreneurs launching their dreams!

I have to say everyone has a light bulb moment  right. Well I had mine attending a pop up business training event. … So I guess what I’m saying is my time on this event has been time well spent and will recommend this event to as many people as humanly possible. Great job Pop up

having a great week in Berinsfield. Thank you for an amazing course. Anyone starting a business or wanting to push their business, you need to come@on this course

How you can get involved

We have sponsored another Pop Up Business School event which will run between 7 and 11 October in Shrivenham. Keep an eye on the events page for Vale4Business for details closer to the time.

Also, if you can’t attend our next event you can use the Pop Up Business School’s step by step online guide. This guides you, in 20 steps, how to start a business and make money without spending anything.